1. Summary: provides K-12 teachers with a high-quality library of fiction and nonfiction passages that can increase reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition for learners. It is targeted at K-12 grade readers, but is easily transferable to adult learners because of the science, social studies, art, history and cultural content of its readings. Students can develop their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, both literal and inferential ones. Everything created by ReadWorks is “based on proven cognitive science research, not unproven academic theory.” For more of the research base behind the website, read
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent: One (1) hour per completed Reading Passage Assignment or Paired Text (either online or printed PDF) for K-8th grade readings; One and a half (1.5 hrs) for 9-12th grade readings. 

    15 minutes (.25 hrs) per completed reading and written response from Article a Day (K-8 reading)/Book of Knowledge (written response) 

    15 minutes (.25 hrs) per completed Library reading and written response (This option has to be turned on by the instructor.)

  • Criteria for awarding Proxy Hour Equivalent: Score of 70% or higher on Reading Passage Assignments or; Completion (any response [no minimum score required] verified by the teacher) of written responses from Article a Day/Book of Knowledge, Paired Texts, or Library texts.

  • Proxy Hour Documentation: TBD - screencast coming soon! 
  • ReadWorks Monthy Reporting Form. This easy to use Google spreadsheet automatically calculates ReadWorks proxy hours. Simply input the number of stories/activities completed in the appropriate column(s), and the form will calculate the proxy hours by type. It will also total them. Please click on the link to open the file, then Download a copy as an Excel or CSV file for your program/site.
  • How to set up and use ReadWorks guide:
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