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Several new DL platforms have been accepted for time-on-task proxy hours. These are listed here, and include:

There is an online form which must be filled out for all new DL platforms. It is available HERE.

Northern Star Online and ReadTheory have been approved as  DL platforms. Both have been approved for proxy hours based on unit completion, as neither is a time-on-task platform.

ABE teachers who have completed DL 101 and want to further develop their distance learning skills can apply to join DL 102.

Burlington English has completed alignment of their courses with the Northstar Computer Basics module. This can be downloaded here.

As of March 2018, you can use the Student Activity by Class report in USAL, then convert to proxy hours for entering in SID using the Proxy Hour Formula Excel document.  Here's a detailed how-to

IXL  has been approved as a distance learning platform.

Effective this program year, Rosetta Stone proxy hours will now be awarded on a clocktime basis, as per timeout setting provided by publisher; the amount of clocktime rshould be multiplied by 1.25, to account for teacher coordination with learner,

MobyMax, an online program designed for K-8 schools to offer differentiated learning and fill gaps in student knowledge, has been approved as a DL platform.