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We have created a new and more efficient way to provide support around DL issues for Minnesota ABE programs.

Dl 101/102 will not be offered this year, as we will begin offering this only every two years. ABE programs and staff seeking professional development have several other options:

Based on feedback from the Virtual Task Force, USA Learns proxy hours have been adjusted as follows: 3 hours/unit for course 1, 5 hours/unit for course 2, and 2 hours/unit for course 3.

Burlington English and Plato Edmentum are now available to all ABE programs in Minnesota, at no direct cost. Details on each platform are available here.

The allowable contact hours for approved distance learning platforms have been raised.

Khan Academy has been approved as a distance learning platform.

Career Ready 101, an ACT product updating KeyTrain and adding additional content, has been approved as a DL platform eligible for proxy hours.

Many Minnesota ABE staff have questions regarding the discontinuation of Skills Tutor as a supported DL platform, effective December 31, 2016.

Burlington English has been approved as a distance learning platform for Minnesota ABE.

DL 101: Teaching Learners at a Distance is designed for teachers and managers without extensive distance education experience.