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Minnesota Computers for Schools refurbishes used computers and places them at low cost in schools.

The article, Optimizing Computer Technology Integration, presents means of integrating computers in adult basic education.

The National Work Readiness Credential has been removed from the list of platforms approved for distance learning proxy hours. This decision was due to little or no use of the platform as a distance learning tool.

The application and instructions for 2013 Project IDEAL distance learning professional development courses have been posted.

Summaries of DL recruitment, orientation, and assessment plans for Minnesota ABE programs particpating in Project IDEAL DL 101 are availale on the DL

Rosetta Stone has been approved for proxy hour reimbursement.

There has been some confusion regarding Skills Tutor requirements for verifying proxy hours.

Novanet, a Pearson DL platform, has been approved for proxy hour reimbursement.