Northstar Digital Literacy Project Mentoring Opportunity

During Winter/Spring 2013 experienced digital literacy instructors from the Supplemental Services project will mentor 1-2 ABE programs from around Minnesota in integrating the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment into their programming. They will help mentees:

  1. Become a proctor site for the Northstar Digital Literacy online assessments including developing internal systems for proctoring the test and tracking learner progress.
  2. Assess internal instructional technology resources and know-how, and make a plan for optimal use of those resources.
  3. Revise current core curriculum and instruction to include digital literacy skills building.
  4. Receive assistance in adapting digital literacy embedded lesson plans for a variety of instructional situations including multi-level classes, one-on-one tutoring, or lab settings.

For more information, contact Jennifer Weaverling.