Mastery Requirement Removed for Time on Task Platforms

At the recommendation of the Virtual Task Force, the mastery requirement for claiming proxy hours for approved time-on-task platforms has been removed by MDE. This affects Burlington English, Plato Edmentum, Core Skills Mastery, GED Academy, and My Foundations/Accuplacer. This change will align DL policy and practice with in-class instruction, in terms of collecting attendance hours.

Historically, the “mastery score” requirement was put in place to prevent learners from racking up a lot of hours passively clicking through screens of material that they didn’t understand. However, with improved software tools and a stronger support system and PD for teachers, this is less and less a concern. Instructors are responsible to intervene when students are working on content that is inappropriate for their level (either too difficult or too easy).

The “mastery score” requirement did not address students who were working through materials below their level. Students could show up with high mastery scores (and hour gains), but might have learned very little, while students who achieved 65% mastery on material that is new and challenging for them might have learned a great deal, but no hours were earned.

This change will save staff time spent filtering out hours that couldn't be collected otherwise.