Plato Edmentum and Burlington English to Continue in 2018

The state will continue to purchase and support both Burlington English and Plato Edmentum in 2018.

For Plato Edmentum, we will maintain the current course library, slightly increase the number of concurrent seats, and add the Core Library and Career and Technical Education for a limited number of seats. The Core Library includes Math, ELA/Reading, Social Studies and Science for grades 6-12.  This package will allow ABE to serve pre-GED level learners more effectively, while also offering more the advanced content necessary for the Standard Adult Diploma. The Career and Technical Education courses include various career fields, such as health services, information technology, and manufacturing, and general courses on essential workplace skills.

For Burlington English, we plan to maintain the current number of seats. If we are able to identify the resources, we will purchase some additional seats.