Proxy Hours and SID

Proxy Hours

When a platform is approved midyear, can programs who have been using it claim proxy hours retroactive to the beginning of that program year?

Yes, as long as adequate documentation has been maintained.

SID Reports

There are various SID reports that may be helpful:

What distance learning reports are available?
  • Table A for DL  - Hours and Levels for Distance Learning Hours only. Searchable by: date ranges, super sites and subsites. Levels can be expanded to see students.
  • Daily and Monthly Attendance in DL Classes - Daily and Monthly attendance of all Distance Learning classes with students.
  • Level Gains with Post-Test Rates - for Distance Learning Percentage of hours that are Distance Learning can be adjusted. Searchable by: date ranges, and subsites and super-sites (for consortia with several sites).
  • Contact List for all DL students - Student Contact list for all active students in all DL classes (designated by class "Student Hour Type" of Distance Learning). Select all active students by Site, SubSite or Class.Then for "What SiD Help documents exist for DL?"
What SID Help documents exist for DL?

Add distance learning class:

Add distance learning hours:

Search the help system for other how-to docs and/or contact SiD support at


Public Assistance Students and Distance Learning

How should distance learning hours be entered into SID for public assistance recipients?

Enter the number of completed proxy hours, based on DL platform reports. Sometimes job counselors who are new to interacting with ABE may have questions about DL hours on a learner's MFIP (or other assistance program) attendance report. Usually a short email or phone call with them is sufficent to help them understand that your program doesn't typically track daily DL hours, but maybe bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your program's system. 

Can distance learning count towards meeting education requirements for public assistance recipients?

Yes. If a job counselor asks questions, let her/him know that the student is engaged in distance learning, using formal curricula that has been approved by the state for a specific number of contact hours, under the direct supervision of a qualified teacher.