Keyboard with "Distance Learning" on Shift key.

This page contains links to a variety of information and materials to support and strengthen DL service provision.

Getting Started with Distance Learning

This page provides an overview of the basic steps to start providing distance learning.

State Policies, Procedures, and Information

This page includes Minnesota ABE DL policies and procedures.

DL Implementation Resources and Best Practices

This page includes a variety of implementation resources specific to Minnesota ABE, including recruitment, screening, intake/orientation, instruction, and reporting. It includes sample implementation plans from different consortia.

Northstar Digital Literacy Project

This page includes information about the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment, which can be useful in assessing the digital literacy skills of learners interested in distance learning.

DL Websites and other Resources

This page includes a variety of websites, reports, and other resources.

Supplemental Services Staff Resources

This page includes staff contacts and areas of responsibility.