DL Implementation Resources and Best Practices

Successful DL implementation and delivery requires skills and techniques that differ in some ways from classroom-based instruction. Whether you are developing a new program or trying to improve current efforts, following a series of clearly defined steps can help you succeed. This page links to information supporting each of the steps listed below, providing a variety of implementation resources specific to Minnesota ABE:

Here's the best document to read on all of these topics: Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook (7th Edition 2020)

Recruitment: Defining and reaching the learners who are most likely to benefit from DL is crucial. This page links to resources that will help you define your target learners, understand where they are, determine how best to reach them, and implement effective outreach and marketing.

Screening/Orientation: Once the first step of finding and recruiting the right learners is accomplished, success depends on effective screening and orientation. This page links to resources that you can use to assess students' technical skills and commitment to DL. You will also find tools to help learners understand expectations and schedules.

Instruction and Tools to Support Instruction: Communicating and supporting learners outside the classroom is central to successful DL instruction, once the DL platform and curriculum are selected. This section links to resources to support use of specific DL platforms, help you monitor student work, and support you in communicating with the learner face to face, via phone, or through email. Most of the resources in this section are specific to specific DL platforms. Also included are resources that are more general to the overall process of DL service delivery.

Assessment and Reporting: Generating proxy hour revenue allows programs to support and expand DL delivery. Generating NRS level gains also helps define the success of DL delivery. This section includes resources to help you track and report completed student work for proxy hour purposes. In addition, you can find resources to help you understand how to use a specific assessment feature and/or supplementary assessments for specific DL tools.

Sample implemention plans: This section provides sample DL implementation plans from Minnesota ABE programs.