Supplememental Services Project

The main purposes of the 2016-17 Distance Learning Supplemental Services grant include:

  • Providing professional development to assist teachers, managers, and support staff implement and sustain distance learning, in collaboration with Project IDEAL and ATLAS.
  • Supporting and facilitating statewide implementation of Burlington English and Plato Edmentum.
  • Supporting use of and further developing the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment.
  • Identifying and encouraging adoption of Best Practices.
  • Coordinating the Virtual Task Force, which vets DL platforms for proxy hours and advises on policy and practice issues.
  • Addressing policy and practice issues.
  • Enhancing communication and training with ABE consortia regarding DL issues and opportunities, including maitaining website and providing articles for the MN ABE Connect newsletter.

More Information

Contact Tom Cytron-Hysom.