Approved DL Platforms

There are two categories of approved DL platforms available to Minnesota ABE:

State Supported - These platforms are purchased at the state level and are free to all Minnesota ABE programs. Technical support is available at no cost.

All Others - Minnesota ABE DL does not provide official technical support for these platforms, though we can do in-person or online trainings. Sites using fee-based platforms need to purchase a license directly from the publisher.

Each category above links to pages including proxy hour equivalents, criteria for awarding proxy hours with documentation required, prerequisites and level of students served, access information, and other resources. Many of the platform summaries include links to "super-users" - ABE staff with significant experience using the platform, who are willing to answer questions.

Platforms that track time-on-task proxy hours, as opposed to relying on proxy hours based on unit completion, no longer undergo a full vetting process. All platforms that are ABE appropriate will be approved when a complete and adequate approval form is received and reviewed by the DL team. Programs can claim actual student time as proxy contact hours for these platforms, adding 15 minutes of time per hour to account for student and staff time that is not logged in as time-on-task. Basic information for the MNABE DL website is required for all platforms.

  • To access a form to request approval for a platform using unit completion to track proxy hours, or to provide required information for time-on-tesk proxy hour platforms, click here.
  • To download a chart correlating appropriate student NRS levels with each platform, click here.
  • To download the updated Proxy Hour Formula Worksheet for time on task DL plaforms, click here.