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Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment Website

  • Description:
  1. Twelve online assessments are available to assess basic digital literacy skills in the following areas: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Microsoft Word, Social Media, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Information Literacy, Your Digital Footprint, and Career Search.
  2. Northstar Online Learning (NSOL) provides self-directed instruction and review for Computer Basics. Internet Basics will be released mid-May 2020, followed by Career Search in June.
  • Proxy Hour Equivalent: Seat time should be used when administering assessments in person or at a distance (distance proctoring is available due to COVID 19 - information on how to do this is available in test location admin panels). Time-on-Task proxy hours should be used with indepeendent student learning done on NSOL), adding .25 hours per hour of seat time. Detailed reports are available for NSOL activity completed by learnners.
  • Prerequisites: None (assessments are designed for students levels 3-4 and above).
  • Proxy Hour Documentation: Copy of reports generated from platform.
  • Web-based: Yes.
  • Available on tablets/smart phones: Can be accessed but is not fully functional.
  • Access: Included in state purchasing contract.
  • Superuser:
  • Setting up accounts and providing training:
  • Resources: Video: Overview and How to Use Northstar
  • Northstar Curriculm webinar recording (9/27/19)


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