USA Learns Changes

As of March 2018, you can use the Student Activity by Class report in USAL, then convert to proxy hours for entering in SID using the Proxy Hour Formula Excel document.  Here's a detailed how-to screencast on Youtube that shows you how to do this,.

What this report displays is the students' time on task in USAL for the date range you select. It doesn't display any data for those that haven't done any work in USAL; only for those who have. What this means is that, because of the new report,  we are switching from a proxy hour model to a time on task model for USAL starting from March 2018 and going forward. 

Using the Proxy Hour Formula Excel doc, you can easily cut and paste in student data to calculate students' proxy hour time that you can enter in SID. You can find it and other USAL info HERE, under USA Learns.

Please share this updated info with any colleagues who use USAL. Please also share with any colleagues who may have not used USAL because of the semi-confusing and time-intensive nature of collecting proxy hours for it in the past.

Please email any questions to: