Professional Development

2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants

Where can you access information about all DL Professional Development (PD) available for Minnesota ABE?

DL PD classes are now available via the new PD Catalog:

All MN Adult Ed PD activities are now available in one convenient, searchable place. Here you will find brief descriptions of all PD offerings currently provided by the Minnesota Adult Education Support Network.

Not all activities listed have been scheduled yet, and many can be provided on request. Others are available on an ongoing basis. Scheduled activities are linked to the MN Adult Ed Events Calendar or other sites, where you can find more details.

How can you get up to speed with Distance Learning? 

  • Download and read the Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook
  • Take a course with MN ABE Distance Learning and build a better Distance Learning program! The following courses are available:
    • DL Basics (online) is available here. Completion is required for all ABE managers, teachers, and support staff delivering DL. The course provides foundational information about DL delivery. For more information, contact Cathy Grady or Tom Cytron-Hysom.
    • DL 101: Designed for teachers and administrators new to distance education. This intensive 8 month course combining face-to-face, online learning, and webinars allows you to build and implement a Distance Learning plan for your ABE site/program with support from experienced DL instructors and a cohort of your peers. Approximately 25 CEUs. Highly recommended.
    • DL 102: These study groups are for experienced Distance Learning managers and instructors engaged in supporting distance learners and growing their Distance Learning programs. DL 101 is a prerequisite. Approximately 12 CEUs. The DL 102: Instructional Issues 2020/21 application is available here! The application must be completed by Friday November 6. The online kickoff will be Friday morning, November 20th. Details are in the application. 
    • Digital Literacy Integration in the ABE Classroom: Self-paced and online, this course provides a framework for integrating digital literacy into the ABE classroom. Skilled instructors explain how they integrate digital literacy into a variety of classes, from ELL through advanced ABE.

World-Ed Online Self-Paced Courses

World-Ed offers a series of three free online self-paced courses related to distance learning: Introduction to Blended Learning; Introduction to Mobile Learning, and Open Educational Resources. Go here to get started, and here to learn how to self-enroll in any of these courses:

  • MN Introduction to Blended Learning: This mini course introduces participants to essential and foundational information about blended learning. It includes key definitions, strategies, examples, and reflective activities primarily presented in multimedia format. The goal of the course is for teachers tunderstand the different forms of blended learning and how they might integrate them into their coursework.
  • MN Introduction to Mobile Learning: Welcome to the Introduction to Mobile Learning course. This multi-media mini course introduces participants to the basics of integrating mobile devices into their classroom, distance, or blended instruction. It includes key definitions, suggested strategies, examples, and reflective activities to help teachers incorporate what they have learned into their practice. The goal of the course is for teachers to understandf the different ways adult learners and their teachers can use flip-phones, smartphones and tablets to enhance learning both in and out of the classroom.
  • MN Open Educational Resources: This mini course introduces participants to essential information about Open Educational Resources (OERs). It includes key definitions, examples and reflective activities presented primarily in multimedia format. The goal of the course is for teachers to hunderstand the benefits of using OERs, know where to find them, and how to evaluate their effectiveness.

IDEAL Consortium Webinar Recordings (available to play or download):

Setting the Stage for Successful Distance and Blended Learning Programs 

Opening Your Doors: Recruitment, Screening, and Orientation in Distance and Blended Learning Programs