Professional Development

2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants
2013 DL 101/102 Kick-off Participants


Take a course with MN ABE Distance Learning and build a better Distance Learning program! The following courses are available:

DL Basics (online)

DL Basics is now available online here. This course is highly recommended for all ABE staff delivering DL. Beginning May 2015, completion will be required for all ABE managers, teachers, and support staff delivering DL.

The course provides foundational information about DL delivery. Included are seven online modules: 1) Introduction – What is Distance Learning?; 2) Curricula, Platforms, and Records; 3) Recruitment, Screening, and Orientation; Instruction; Assessment; 4) Communication and Data Collection; 5) Basic Components of Successful DL Management; 6) Statewide Resources; and 7) Final Course Assignment/Evaluation.

For more information, contact Renada Rutmanis or Tom Cytron-Hysom.

DL 101 and DL 102

  • DL 101: Designed for teachers and administrators new to distance education. This year long course combining face-to-face, online learning, and webinars allows you to build and implement a Distance Learning plan for your ABE site/program with support from experienced DL instructors and a cohort of your peers. Highly recommended.

  • DL 102: These study groups are for experienced Distance Learning managers and instructors engaged in supporting distance learners and growing their Distance Learning programs. DL 101 is a prerequisite.

Both courses integrate online instruction. Complete the 2017-18  DL101/102 APPLICATION HERE. For further information, contact Renada Rutmanis.

Digital Literacy Integration in the ABE Classroom - Now Available!

Self-paced and online, this course provides a framework for integrating digital literacy into the ABE classroom. Skilled instructors explain how they integrate digital literacy into a variety of classes, from ELL through advanced ABE.

Training Resources

A Toolkit has been developed that can be used by project IDEAL graduates for regional trainings.  The Toolkit includes the following PowerPoints: